Pete Leal Community Activism Award


Deadline to Submit Application is Sept. 20th online or at

Who is eligible to be nominated?

The Award is open to members of the Mission Democrats and community activists who show outstanding leadership and commitment to community and charitable groups in Bexar County. Only members of the Mission Democrats of Bexar County may nominate individuals for the award. Members may nominate themselves for the award.

From the nominations received, one person will be selected to receive the Community Activism Award.

Judging Panel

The winner will be chosen by the Mission Democrats of Bexar County Gala Committee.

In considering the nominations, the gala committee will seek to satisfy that the person selected has:

  • embodied the principles of the Mission Democrats of Bexar County, who through their actions epitomizes our mission statement and works to better our community through volunteerism and community involvement.
  • shown outstanding leadership and excellence in making a voluntary commitment to the community and charitable organizations in Bexar County during the inaugural year of the Mission Democrats of Bexar County.

The work the nominee is being nominated for must be volunteer work only. They should not be nominated for paid work.


The person selected will receive a plaque in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the community at the 9th Annual Gala of the Mission Democrats of Bexar County.


With the exception of the winning nomination, the names of the nominees and supporting information are strictly confidential and the information provided will be used only to assist the Gala Committee in considering the merits of the application.

Please note that the information provided for the winning nomination may be used for publication.

Pete Leal Community Activism Award

(NOTE: If you don't have a phone number, please provide an email or an address so we may contact them if they win.)

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  Please list activities and/or organizations the nominee has been involved with the past year.
  Please describe how the nominee has been an active participant in the community and why you feel they have made a difference.
  Please describe how you think the nominee will continue to give back to the community.